Legacy Investment Fund

The Legacy Investment Fund provides funding to those entrepreneurs that have successfully completed the KBN program.While some funding is simply in the form of start up loans, the major focus of the fund is to provide venture capital finance (e.g. via equity injections or shareholder loans) to qualifying businesses.

While the Legacy Investment Fund is an extension of the KBN program, a separate management team (deal forum) are responsible for the evaluation of applications for funding. This is done to ensure that all funding is done on an arms length, commercial basis

The KBN Process takes entrepreneurs on a journey that imparts critical life skills, formal business training and practical evaluations and group work, all of which is designed to give entrepreneurs the skills required to run effective businesses.

Successful applicants will through their journey with KBN work closely with other entrepreneurs and mentors.

The ultimate goal of the KBN Programme and the Legacy Fund is to take individuals from ‘writing their own CV’ to reading the CVs of potential employees.

The Legacy Investment Fund is the last step in the program. The fund provides a variety of funding mechanisms to qualifying entrepreneurs.


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The History Makers programme is the entry level into the KBN programmes. The aim of this programme is to inculcate the mindset for wealth creation by providing a conducive environment for entrepreneurs (aspiring, emerging and established) to network and to assimilate information.


To inspire entrepreneurs to create and acquire sustainable wealth that enables them to build and develop their communities and positively impact their generation.


KBN aims to promote an entrepreneurial mind-set which creates economic opportunities at every turn. We achieve this through information sharing, access to opportunities and networking.