Lending and Investing Principles

The Legacy Investment Fund is based on the following principles:

  • Capital and funding are precious resources. We take the role of stewards of financial resources VERY seriously.
  • We look at both the facts (e.g. financial performances) and the person behind the business. In effect we place great emphasis on the individual who drives the business.
  • We look beyond past financial performance. We believe that new funding fundamentally changes the likely performance of a business.
  • we only invest in businesses that want us on board.
  • We believe that all loans and investments must make commercial sense. This means that we must believe that loans will be repaid and that investments in businesses must generate attractive returns. We must lend and invest prudently.
  • Borrowers and investees are accountable to the collective. This means that the advisory boards for example will hold borrowers accountable.
  • Good governance (and administration) is vital. We will expect this of ourselves and demand the same of our borrowers and investees.
  • We only lend to and invest in businesses that operate in a moral and ethical manner.
  • We want to make see our borrowers and investees achieve success.  We will do whatever is practical to help them to repay their loan and deploy capital wisely, including mentoring and guidance